System of CapEx-coordination for hotels all over the world

We’ve reduced the time for processes coordination by 2 times


The client is a hotel chain in 16 countries. Maintaining the entire infrastructure is expensive and requires a lot of attention. The capital expenditure approval process was not automated - it took a lot of time and was often delayed. The client needed a system of approval (AP - Workflow) and acceptance of capital expenditure (CapEx).


  • We discussed with the client the process of capital expenditure approval in their organization, also we marked stages, roles, areas of responsibility, and approval limits.
  • We developed a system based on the terms of reference with a prescribed workflow process.
  • We developed a mobile application to support the approval process.

  1. Xamarin Forms.
  2. Java
  3. Spring
  4. Hibernate


  • The specified approval limits for different user roles allow top managers to delegate the process of capital expenditure approval within their level.
  • The time for processes coordination was reduced by 2 times.
  • PUSH-notifications in the mobile application speed up the process of expenditures approval.

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