CRM module for a Swiss IT company

We have developed a custom version of Cobra CRM with advanced functionality


The client is a European IT company. It provides support and hosting services for SAP ERP systems. To ensure the workflow, they used an outdated version of the boxed Cobra CRM product. The customer did not want to purchase a new version of the program, since there was a lot of redundant functionality in it.

The customer wanted to get a CRM-system, as adapted to their processes as possible. It should contain the functionality that they used in Cobra CRM, and have a mobile application.

Project objectives:

  • functionality migration from Cobra CRM to the new CRM software module,
  • providing flexibility of the solution: fully customizable entity cards, custom fields, setting user access by roles, and fuzzy search,
  • transfer data from old CRM to the new one,
  • setting up convenient reports on the entered data,
  • mobile application development for iOS and Android,
  • integration with the customer’s ERP system.


  • CRM is a company address book. It stores and tracks contacts, contains custom information. It allows to create any fields with a huge number of types: dates, phones, lists, and roles. We implemented search in all fields.
  • Data import. Importing information from old CRM, CSV, Excel is supported. Data export is available in wicard - Outlook format.
  • Document generation by templates. It is possible to create documents by templates based on data from the contacts database.
  • Report downloads. Reports can be made in different slices, downloaded as CSV, XLS or PDF files and printed.
  • Built-in email campaigns. We developed and implemented a marketing module for the email campaigns realization.

  1. SAP.
  2. Java
  3. Spring
  4. Hibernate
  5. MSSQL


  • Functional migration with old CRM The customer gave us access to the old system and database only. We had to sort out practically by trial and error method, but we did it. Users were able to easily adjust to the new system.
  • Flexible fields in address cards. All CRM fields are easily customizable by value, data type and access level. The client can configure the necessary data fields on counterparties. For example, data on the last time of interaction with the client.
  • Data migration from old CRM. We transferred all the data from the database of the old system to the new one, verified the integrity of the data. The client did not have to additionally adapt the data for the new system.
  • Easy and quick data access. Customers can access the necessary data through web and mobile applications at any time and place.
  • Mobile application. It allows company managers to quickly enter data on meetings and conferences had with clients.

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