To develop a software solution that allows to integrate the work of SAP CRM of the customer's system and NEC PBX.

During the incoming call to the manager's computer, information about the caller should be displayed from the CRM system to give the opportunity to the manager to have more productive conversation. Clicking on the pop-up window, SAP CRM window with detailed subscriber information should open.

The important requirement was the opportunity to initiate a call directly from the SAP CRM window.


  1. We have analyzed the customers requirements and telephony capabilities to implement this task. Having discussed the proposal to implement the tasks we made a decision to develop a corporate solution that allows integration of CRM module in the SAP CRM system with call center software (NEC Business Connect).
  2. Then we drafted the terms of reference and got down to work.
  3. Initially we designed the interface of the future solution and offered the prototypes to the customer for approval. Thus, we presented visualization of the product for the customer to make it clear how it will work eventually.
  4. The next step of this project was writing of the code. Programming was carried out by the Scrum agile methodology, due to which the client could see the development process every 2 weeks.
  1. After all work on the development of the system was successfully implemented and coordinated, the system was uploaded to the customer's server and the employees of the company were provided with the necessary access rights and technical documentation. Our experts have trained the customers staff to work with a new system.

The project was developed on the basis of technology:

  • Net: .Net 2.0, MS Wix, SAP Net Connector
  • Java: SAP JCo, Java 1.6


  • This solution lets you simplify and speed up access to data. It also enables users to make calls right from the corporate system SAP CRM.
  • The capability to call the client right from the SAP GUI window of CRM application just clicking on the button next to the telephone number.

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