To develop an automated system of work time logging and provide a convenient interface for entering labor effort on projects in the context of the day or week.

The system should have convenient data reporting about the remaining leave and the amount of overtime.

The system should be integrated into the SAP ERP at the data level.


  1. We conducted work over this project according to the prepared customer's specifications. Having discussed terms of reference, we got down to work.
  2. Then we have developed and coordinated the approval of design.
  3. Programming was carried out in Java with integration of corporate ERP SAP system.
  4. After testing and debugging, we uploaded the code on the client’s server and launched it.
  1. In the final stage, we have set up user access rights and conducted training on how to work with a new web service.

The project was developed on the basis of technology:

  • Html, css2, javascript
  • Java: Struts 1.0, Hibernate 3, SAPJco, Java 1.4
  • SAP NetWeaver 2004s AS


  • Convenient and easy interface for entering data on labor efforts of employees

  • Employees can easily obtain information about the remaining leave or number of days worked.
  • The system has a template engine that allows you to speed up the data entry process.
  • The system is integrated with the SAP ERP.

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