System administrator's digital solution

The corporate system administrators decision allows controlling a condition of various systems within landscapes


The client came to us with the task to develop a software package for the SAP landscape system administrators using the CCMS monitoring tools and SNMP.

Requirements for system:

  1. Working on most popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
  2. Web interface & Windows client to display data & configuration & management monitoring tools.

Requirements for service:

  1. Service must be able to send SMS, email, and push notifications of emergencies or situations that require the administrators attention.
  • This project was made based on technical specifications provided by the customer.
  • It has been developed iteratively and after delivery of the first version, many improvements required by the customer were made.
  • After all work over the development of the system has been successfully implemented and coordinated, the system was uploaded on the customer's server. The system administrators were provided with necessary access rights and technical documentation.
  • The customer was fully satisfied with our work and additionally ordered the development of a mobile version of ServPatrol.
  • Java SE
  • Java Swing
  • SAP JCo
  • The solution has a certificate Integration with SAP NetWeaver and SAP Solution Manager (System Landscape Directory).
  • The application provides access to information on real-time systems.
  • Flexible customizable alert messages notify the system administrators about critical emergencies and failures (via E-Mail, SMS, or performance of a specific program).
  • ServPatrol allows you to monitor the status of various systems: SAP systems, including many important functions and subsystems (ABAP and Java stacks, disk free space, the PI alerts, malfunction of the printer, and so on); functionality of CCMS monitoring by the certification requirements of the SAP (monitoring and confirmation of alarm messages; setting of thresholds for monitors (MTE - Monitoring Tree Elements); reading the current values of the performance attributes); checking the availability of network devices (Ping); monitoring replication of MS SQL Server through analysis of the log shipping; FTP server check; systems supporting the SNMP protocol (running processes, disk free space); to check any text logs (log files).
  • Support of composite-type systems (combines several types of checks).
  • An audit by SAS 70 standard (for all types of checks).
  • Event log.
  • Daily alert.
  • Information about the contact person for each system.
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