The time tracking and payroll system for an engineering company

We have developed the time tracking and payroll system for an engineering company


The client is a large engineering company, engaged in the implementation of their developments in oil, petrochemical products, coal, natural gas, minerals, and nuclear energy productions. The client has 4,000 employees.

Before working with us, the client kept records in Excel tables: it took a lot of time, mistakes were often made, leading to lengthy proceedings.

Project objectives are to set up the employees time tracking, to automate the labor hours input process, and to automate the process of tracking the employee's arrival and leaving time from workplace.

  • Registering periods of the working day. The employees register the beginning and end of their working day in the system by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Each time they move away from the workplace, the system takes these gaps into account. Registration is done through the mobile version of the program, desktop, QR-code, or fingerprint.
  • The system keeps records of sick leave, vacations, and business trips. The user's balance is recalculated based on absences and their compensation. The program shows under- and overworking for each employee. In the mobile application, all the functionality of the system is available. Its possible to record the beginning and end of the working day, as well as enter data on labor costs.
  • The system is integrated with the SAP ERP system.
  • We set up a reporting system following the requirements of the client.
  • The user can automatically start the process of a vacation, sick leave, or a business trip approval. The system has developed its scenario of steps for each option. Processes are launched upon request. The request may be approved or rejected by the manager.
  • SAP
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Our system has reduced errors and time spent on employee's time tracking in the workplace.
  • The client has received the most accurate and automated payroll process following the time that employees spend on the production site.
  • We implemented accounting by QR codes and greatly simplified the process of registering an employee's arrival at the workplace, excluding the possibility of a queue at the checkpoint.
  • The vacation approval process allowed company managers to calculate the workload of employees more accurately.
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