The main project goal is to develop a dog training mobile app for iOS & Android platforms.

Dog guide training app requirements:

  1. The training exercises look like a catalog.
  2. Every exercise has step-by-step instructions & photos.
  3. While an animal is training, the trainer push to the "clicker" that produces the necessary sound for training activity.
  4. Compliance with the basic client's design.
  5. To contain a description of commands, tricks, as well as tips for training.
  6. The basis of app monetization is built-in advertising and paid monthly subscriptions.
  • Product development was carried out according to the finished technical specifications provided by the customer. We assessed the development cost, then signed a contract and set to work
  • We developed a server for the mobile application. This allowed the customer to independently edit the content of the exercises.
  • We developed a mobile application. During the development process, the intermediate versions were demonstrated every 2-3 weeks to control each stage of development.
  • We integrated ads into the application. We used suppliers of the banner and video ads AdMob and RevMob.
  • We set up analytic metrics in Firebase and Fabric. We prepared instructions for using analytics.
  • We conducted joint testing of the project. Fixed all issues, and passed all acceptance tests. We ported the application to Android.
  • We published the app in AppStore & Google Play. All the emerging issues were quickly resolved during the 3 months warranty support for the project.
  • Xamarin Forms
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Fabric Answers
  • Firebase Analytics
  • In-App purchase
  • PUSH
  • AdMob
  • The application matches the desired design.
  • We developed an admin web site for the app. Here, the client can independently add new and edit existing content. Updated data is displayed in the application 30 seconds after the changes are saved. This means that this procedure does not require a new release in the AppStore and Google Play.
  • It is possible to purchase the subscription in the application with payment through the AppStore and Google Play stores
  • Analytics is configured to track financial performance, popular commands, and application traffic.
  • App pages are designed for the AppStore and Google Play.
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