The client is lighting & electrical goods producer TDM Electric. The TDM is on the Russian market since 2007.

The customer has already developed an IOS mobile app used by consumers and representatives. But IOS users wrote negative reviews in App Store, and the application's rating was dropped.

The key problems of the IOS app:

  1. Users didn't see the available goods at the shops.
  2. The application loaded so long.
  3. On the app, the search didn't work.
  4. The text was too small, and the scaling is not working.
  5. Lack of authorization, and opportunity to cut the notification's sound

As a result, the following tasks were set:

  1. To conduct an audit of the code base of the current application, identify problem areas and the reasons for user complaints.
  2. To develop a new server for transferring information from 1C about goods, remains, prices, news, and promotions.
  3. To refactor the IOS application according to the audit results.
  4. To set up PUSH notifications.
  5. To develop a new version of the Android app, where all identified defects will be eliminated.
  • The product 1C-Bitrix "Site Management" was selected as a server. It was necessary to maintain the structure of the API server so that you do not have to rebuild completely the IOS version of the application.
  • The data exchange with 1C "Enterprise Management" was configured. The application provides current information about goods availability, prices, news, promotions, and contractors.
  • The iOS application has been refactored. We have fixed all detected bugs and PUSH notifications.
  • We made background data download from the server at startup. In the previous version of the application, it was first necessary to download all the content, the application could start only after this step. The startup was slow. We have simplified this step and reduced the launch time.
  • We developed an Android app from scratch. During the development, previously identified bugs on IOS were taken into account. Kotlin was chosen as the programming language.
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Firebase
  • Real-time integration with 1С. Continuous transmission of the relevant information about goods with logging.
  • Lists of goods. It is possible to add products to favorites.
  • Training of representatives. You can track the webinars schedule and watch the recent ones.
  • Feedback. The catalog has a section "Write a review". Users express their opinion on the company, service, products, and applications. It helps to understand your customers better and develop the product.
  • The search of representatives.You can select the nearest supplier of goods and contact him.
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