Mobile application Toyota Izhevsk

Mobile brand application as a new channel of work with customers


To develop a mobile application for customers of the regional dealer of Toyota Center Izhevsk.

The application should inform the customers about new promotions and special offers, provide convenient access to the catalog of cars with technical characteristics, allow to calculate regular maintenance cost of your car Toyota, and sign up for service and maintenance.


  1. We have drafted the detailed terms of reference with a customer, described the structure of the application, the goal of each screen and information presented on it. We also worked through the mechanisms of data update by the specialists of the customer’s company.
  2. The next step was the development of the prototype of application that allowed the customer to understand fully how the application will work and how the end customers will use it.
  3. After development and coordination of the application design, we started to develop the program code of mobile application and mobile server, which was supposed to provide the necessary data to the application. Programming was carried out gradually with demonstrations of results every 2-3 weeks, so that the customer could see the process of creation and participate in it.
  1. At the final stage, our testers executed the final test of software.
  2. When all works on the development of application have been successfully implemented and approved by the customer, we transferred the software package together with user documentation to the customer, and provided the necessary training to the customer's specialists.
    1. Technologies

      The project was developed on the basis of technology:

      • iOS SDK
      • Objective-C
      • PHP
      • Symfony Framework
      • MySQL


  • The mobile app was developed for iOS platform.
  • Mobile server is used as a data provider for the application that allows you to spread data fast and update the description of the model range.
  • The customers of Toyota Center Izhevsk can view the model range using the mobile application, get information on new promotions and discounts, and also calculate the cost of the next technical service.

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