We had an interesting task to develop a web service for taxi transfer from the airport to the hotel, with calculation of the price per kilometer.

The important requirement was the custom design with animation, and execution of the whole process of booking service on a single web-page.


  1. After we collected different requirements and drafted technical specifications, we decided to use the map to display the whole route from its beginning to the point of destination and also use a single-page layout scheme, when the booking process is done without transition between the web-pages.
  2. Description of all events and transitions for the booking process were performed at the design stage.
  3. Development of the project was conducted with use of Scrum agile methodology, allowing the customer to observe and participate in the process of creation. Demo session were held every 2 weeks.
  1. After testing and handover of the project, the code was uploaded to the web hosting. The warranty support of the project was delivered.
    1. Technologies

      The project was developed on the basis of technology:

      • PHP
      • Symfony
      • BackBone JS
      • MySQL

      The address of the project:



  • AnyWayTaxi.com system aggregates the offers of local taxi services in different countries and allows the tourist to book transfer in the country of stay.
  • Service is provided in two languages: Russian and English.
  • There is a personal cabinet for taxi services.

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