Develop promo website for Business Process Suite software product. This product is used to create business processes workflows, digitization of the incoming paper invoices, input of labor costs and business of expenses from staff of the company, an archiving and storage of business data, a creation of Customer Relationship Management System and the financial account allows the company to automate business challenges. A key feature is its modular structure where each module is the finished solution and can work separately.

The website of the product has to represent a set of landing pages, where each page has to disclose mission and the main advantages of the product.


  1. Create Terms of Reference.
  2. Develop a structure of the site in accordance with customer preferences.
  3. Develop a prototype of the main pages.
  4. Develop the design for existing prototypes.
  5. Make adaptive layout for the design for mobile devices.
  6. Implement two versions of the site: German and English versions.
  7. Add content provided by the customer on the website.
  1. Instal Google Analytics counter metrics for tracking and analysis of the resource attendance; we have set targets for tracking conversion.
  • 1C-Bitrix
  • PHP




  • The website has simple and convenient structure reflecting mission and advantages of Business Process Suite.
  • Visitors apply for services via feedback widget thereby forming a stream of incoming leads.
  • The website generates a stream of customers from search engines and social networks.
  • The website is adapted for mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.
  • The site comes in two language versions: English and German.

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