Support and development of an online cosmetics store iOptima

Developed new functionality and improved design


Optima is a large beauty retailer with more than a hundred perfume and cosmetics stores of drogerie type (convenience store) in Russia. The omnichannel online store was launched in 2017. The client contacted us because his current online store had a low conversion rate, a lot of various problems and imperfections.

The key problems were:

  • there was no mobile version of the website (users experienced inconvenience when using the online store),
  • inability to make correct search engine optimization (the site lacked functionality for SEO),
  • crude navigation through the catalog,
  • ineffective search on the site,
  • breakdowns in uploading goods from the ERP system to the site.

The client gave us the task to support and develop the site, as well as to improve the design and the conversion rate.

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  • SEO-friendly URL. Search engines read the links. Addresses that contain keys, rank better. We've converted all links to friendly URLs. Example: - it is clear here what the page is about. Since the search engines cached the old page addresses, we set up redirection to the new ones. It helped to avoid a traffic drop.
  • Sitemap auto-generation. A sitemap is a list of all the pages that a site contains. Search robots need this map to immediately go through all the links while gathering the website meta information. The assortment of the online store is very large - more than 3.5 thousand products. The sitemap is automatically updated twice a day: new pages are added and old, irrelevant ones are deleted.
  • We implemented the auto-generation of meta tags. Meta tags are generated automatically, based on the specified templates. Thus, SEO specialists no longer need to write each meta tag manually, they just create a template once, and the data from the page is inserted there.
  • The images have been optimized. We reduced the image size to decrease page load time, and also signed alt tags. Alt is the title of the image, its description. Search robots also pay attention to the titles. With informative titles, images are searched by keys.
  • We prevented public access to the site service pages. Search engines index all the content that is not prohibited by the webmaster. We have banned the indexing of the shopping cart, the website's admin dashboard, and user data.
  • We decreased page loading time. We set up caching with our classes, implemented event handlers for quick sorting of goods, and also optimized images and code.
  • We developed an adaptive version of the site. Initially, the company only had a website without a mobile app. So that the site is displayed correctly on mobile devices, it was decided to create an adaptive version. We created an adaptive design and made it up. A properly working responsive version helped to keep mobile traffic from search engines.
  • The integration with MindBox was expanded. It is a marketing management system that allows collecting statistics on users, set up a personal loyalty program, and send PUSH-notifications.
  • We integrated the advanced search based on the Elasticsearch. The client used a third-party service with a monthly subscription, which could recognize search errors. The problem was the lack of integration with the site directory. It was necessary to manually import the products into the search service in the format of an XML file. We have developed and connected a search component based on the ElasticSearch engine. Search structurally displays information about popular queries and products, stores the search history and adapts to the user as much as possible. It reads synonyms, fixes incorrect keyboard layouts, recognizes errors, and adapts to the mobile version of the site.
  • We redesigned the site. The client changed the corporate colors, so we prepared and implemented a new design.
  • SAP
  • MindBox
  • Elastic Search
  • 1-Bitrix
  • Backbone.js
  • We have removed the preloader on the main page and accelerated the site loading time. Initially, the full page load took from 3 to 14 seconds. We improved the loading time to 0.5-0.7 seconds. So we kept the maximum level of incoming traffic from search results.
  • We have accelerated the frequency of information update on the available goods in the stores. Customers can check the availability of goods in stores online and can pick up their orders at the nearest address.
  • Marketing offers have been personalized. MindBox CRM collects information on users, downloads statistics on their orders, forms personal offers, and a loyalty program. CRM also has a promotional mailing. This marketing set allows us to increase sales.
  • We have saved the client's money for the search. Having developed our solution with advanced search functionality, we allowed the client to cancel monthly payments for a third-party service. The project paid off in 5 months. Searching annually saves the client up to 600,000 rubles.

We are still helping iOptima develop its online store and mobile app.

Michael Chazov,
Deputy Director-General

The Optima company is a fast growing retail network. More than 460 brands and more than 4000 products are presented in the iOptima online store. In 2017, it was decided to launch its own Mobile Application in order to increase the share of online sales, and customers engagement and loyalty.

The company needed to choose a reliable long-term contractor for the development and further support of the online store and the application. We contacted Astarus company with a prepared Terms of Reference.

An analytical approach and deep immersion in user processes were decisive factors in choosing a contractor. In January 2019, the project was launched.

Thanks to a comprehensive analysis and their experience in development, the Astarus team was able to improve the Terms of Reference by offering more convenient UX and options for interacting with the site and the application. They also suggested several possible pitfalls. The open-minded team and their weekly reports on the project progress allowed us to flexibly control the process and get the product that fully meets our needs, even in the face of rapidly changing market requirements.

Thanks to joint work, we have realised the functionality of: an informative catalog with convenient search, purchase and delivery in a few touches, clear navigation, customer engagement through a loyalty system, and PUSH notifications. Everything was done on time.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Astarus employees for their flexible approach, reliability and professional attitude to the assigned tasks.

Thanks to you, our customers have the opportunity to quickly search, select and order products through a bright, convenient and informative website and mobile application iOptima.

We recommend cooperation with Astarus as a reliable contractor and partner.