Online beauty store for My Optima

For the federal network of cosmetics and perfumery stores


Optima is a chain of cosmetics and household goods stores in 36 cities of Russia. It includes 2 brands. Each brand has its concept and positioning.

The iOptima brand is a beauty retailer. It specializes in decorative and cares cosmetics. The retailer has an online store and an app. We improved the online store and redeveloped the application completely.

The My Optima brand is a drogerie retailer. Previously it operated at the sites of the first brand. Its specialization is wider - cosmetics, household goods, and chemicals.


  • Development of an omnichannel online store of cosmetics and household chemicals.
  • Integration of the site with corporate ERP and CRM systems of the customer.
  • Implementation of displaying the availability of goods in stores.
  • Elaboration of a system for delivering goods (to a convenience store, a pick-up point or a self-service machine).
  • Development of a personal account with a personal loyalty program.

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  • We formed a brief with the client. On its basis, a technical task was written.
  • We prepared a website prototype and design, by using Figma. The site design is made with the Mobile-First requirements taken into account.
  • We created a website based on 1C-Bitrix "Site Management". This CMS is great for online stores.
  • We integrated the site with SAP. This is a popular ERP system for business automation in West countries. In Russia, the analog is 1C.
  • We integrated the site with MindBox. This is a CRM, marketing management software.
  • We integrated the e-shop with an online cashbox. Payments are made through Sberbank.
  • We created a personal account for users. A user can see the history of orders, add products to favorites, and form shopping lists.
  • We adapted the site for mobile devices. The layout looks correct on mobile phones and tablets, and it does not distort.
  • We prepared the site for integration with the mobile application. The mobile application is currently under development.
  • We integrated the site with delivery services: PickPoint, QIWI, Halva, CDEK, and DPD.
  • 1C-Bitrix: "Site Management"
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • SAP
  • MindBox
  • ElasticSearch
  • Up-to-date information on goods. Integration of the online store with SAP provides auto information updating on the available goods in all stores of the chain, every 10 minutes. The user can see the availability of the product, order, and pick it up at the nearest store.
  • The site is a complete marketing tool. Integration with CRM allows collecting statistics on users and their orders, set up PUSH notifications, and maintain a personalized loyalty program for each client. Personalized offers are automatically generated based on information about the user.
  • Secure payment system. The site is protected by the HTTPS information protection protocol, so the data of the customers' bank cards cannot be intercepted.
  • Personalization. Users can create their own or add existing lists of goods, share them, compare products, and add out-of-stock items to the waiting list. When the products appear, customers will receive a notification.
  • Convenient personal account. Their users can view the history of the orders and repeat previous ones, and also add products to favorites.
  • Advanced Search. We connected a search component based on ElasticSearch. It structurally shows information about popular queries, stores the search history, recognizes errors, fix incorrect keyboard layouts, understands synonyms, and adapts to the mobile version of the site.
Michael Chazov,
My Optima
Deputy Director-General

The Optima chain of stores is an actively developing retail chain of the drogerie format, which has opened more than 90 stores in the Russian Federation. The assortment includes more than 1000 brands and more than 12000 products.

In 2019, it was decided to launch its own online store and a mobile application in order to increase the online sales, and customers engagement and loyalt.

The company needed to choose a reliable long-term contractor for the development and further support of the online store and the application.

We contacted Astarus company with a prepared Terms of Reference. An analytical approach and deep immersion in user processes were decisive factors in choosing a contractor. In January 2019, the project was launched.

Thanks to a comprehensive analysis and their experience in development, the Astarus team was able to improve the Terms of Reference by offering more convenient UX and options for interacting with the site and the application. They also suggested several possible pitfalls.

The open-minded team and their weekly reports on the project progress allowed us to flexibly control the process and get the product that fully meets our needs, even in the face of rapidly changing market requirements.

Thanks to joint work, we have realised the functionality of: an informative catalog with convenient search, purchase and delivery in a few touches, clear navigation, customer engagement through a loyalty system, and PUSH notifications.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Astarus employees for their flexible approach, reliability and professional attitude to the assigned tasks.

Thanks to you, our customers have the opportunity to quickly search, select and order products through a bright, convenient and informative website and mobile application.

We recommend cooperation with Astarus as a reliable contractor and partner.