Capital expenditure accounting module for a catering company

We have developed a capital expenditure accounting module for a European catering company


Our client is a Swiss catering company providing services for airports. It has 66,000 employees; in 2018, it had 3 billion euros in profit. The customer set us the task to develop an ERP module that allows us to perform operations with capital expenditures.

  • We implemented flexible customization of the business process. The module implements a flexibly customizable workflow so that the client can make adjustments to already developed business processes.
  • We set the variability of the fields. Each capital expenditure category has its field group. The user, when choosing the type of expenditures, will fill out an already prepared template. Users will only need to enter the field value. Fields can be hidden or available only for reading or editing. As an example: there will be some custom capital expenditure fields for rent, other ones - for IT costs.
  • We set up a reporting system following the requirements of the client.
  • Project development took us 6 months. It was conducted according to the classical methodology. During that time, we developed 3 options for generating reports. The client can independently switch to different options or make adjustments to them.
  • SAP
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • The customer has received a fully automated capital expenditure accounting system. It can change report templates and the mechanism of business processes, as well as generate multivariate pivot reports.
  • Our system is used by all company offices. Now the system has 1,000 regular users, 134 active business processes, and more than 1,000 completed ones for millions of dollars.
  • Positive feedback. The client has been using our system for 2 years now, and were getting only good feedback about the work.