Optima RS - reporting system

Automated system for timely submission of reports to suppliers for the previous month developed for a major regional trading network of shops "Optima"


The client came to us with the task to develop an automated system for the timely submission of electronic reporting of sales to suppliers for a major regional trading network of shops "Optima".

The customer needed a system of automatic generation of electronic reporting and its sending to the suppliers of goods.

  • In the process of gathering requirements for the implementation of this task, two stages of the project were defined: automation of report generation and automation of sending the generated reports to suppliers on a specified schedule.
  • We have made the terms of reference and coordinated the document with the customer. After that, our programmers started developing the system. We have made a channel for each supplier.
  • Data for reports is downloaded from SAP ERP and SAP BI and is sent to the supplier via the configured channels to providers based on the individual schedule for each supplier. We executed interim testing in the process of development and held demo sessions for the customer.
  • When all work on the development of the system was successfully implemented, we installed the system at the customers server, set up the data upload, and provided training for administrators on how to operate the system.
  • Used platform: SAP for Retail
  • Involved SAP ERP modules: MM, SD, LE
  • Tools: SAP JCo, ABAP, BDC, SAP BW
  • Automatic generation and sending of electronic records of sales and leftover stock to suppliers in required formats. This solution allows the company Optima to regularly get discounts on the purchased products.
  • Automatic sending of electronic delivery notes to stores. These documents contain information on the receipt and movement of goods, which allow you to monitor automatically and check the actual arrival of goods.
  • Automatic generation and sending of electronic delivery notes to clients in the formats required for efficient downloading into information systems of clients.
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