Optima WMS the system of warehouse management

Automated accounting system of goods movement in the warehouse with the integration of SAP for Retail into ERP


The client came to us with the task to develop an automated system, recording the movement of goods in stock of a large trade regional network of shops "Optima".

Requirements for system:

  1. The interface should be as convenient & simple as possible.
  2. Fast working even on old computers.
  3. Integration into the customer's SAP ERP system with the WMS module (Warehouse Management System).
  • When we jointly collected requirements to carry out this task, 2 stages were defined for the realization of the project: automated process collecting goods on the storage warehouse and automated control of movements of goods in the transit warehouse.
  • In the course of the first stage, we developed a web interface with the authorization of storekeepers and label printing with a barcode. Thus, each preassembled container has its unique identifier in the system.
  • In the second phase, we have identified all points of transfer of goods from one storekeeper to another and automated the control of the transfer process with help of scanning labels on the boxes with a barcode. As a result, all traffic participants and products were recorded in the system.
  • When all work on the development of the system was successfully implemented and accepted by the customer, the system was uploaded at the customer's server. The managers of the warehouse and storekeepers were provided with required access rights and necessary technical documentation.
  • Our experts provided training for the personnel of the warehouse complex of "Optima" company on how to work with a new system.
  • Used Platform: SAP for Retail
  • Involved SAP ERP modules: SAP ERP: MM, SD, LE
  • Technologies: SAP JCo, ABAP, BDC, Java
  • Provision of accounting and control over the entire chain of stock movement at the warehouse.
  • Use of a barcode scanner at all stages of stock movement to ensure proper execution of business processes.
  • Acceleration and control over the performance of consolidation operations, receipt, and transfer of goods from one responsible party to another.
  • Flexible system of reporting on all business processes.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
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