Payment control system for a rescue service

We have accelerated and simplified the receipt of payments from rescue service customers


The client is a European rescue service with representative offices in most European countries.

Our task was to develop a unified system that allows automatizing the payment process and control after rescue operations.

The new corporate service should automatically upload the generated invoices to the company's SAP ERP system.

  • The program includes 2 main functions: the formation of the necessary financial documents and invoices for payment and tracking the payment receiving process by stages. There is a possibility to make a plan for installment payments.
  • Integration with SAP allows us to get the source data about the missions and then, to implement the process, based on these data.
  • We laid out a minimally viable version of the product(MVP), then increased the necessary functionality. The client participated in all stages of development, controlled the process, and managed the development of the product.
  • SAP
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Constant monitoring of feedback. The design was approved by the client. Each stage of the product delivery was accompanied by the clients assessment. Based on the feedback, we upgraded the product, improving its user interface. Therefore, the functionality was built simple and clear, which is user-friendly for ordinary customers.
  • Work with a flexible development methodology. Scrum allowed the client to control the terms and the development process itself. As a result, the product was developed exactly on time, in full accordance with the original vision of the client.
  • Full automation of the billing process. The client was able to automate the process of invoicing and controlling the payments with flexible debt restructuring practices. Thus, the company was able to speed up payments and simplify the process of receiving them.