System of reports for rescue service

We have reduced the time for reports generation from six months to two weeks.


The client is a foreign non-profit search and rescue service. The customer's sphere of activity is search and rescue operations in mountains. The company is represented in different countries of the world. The structure of the company is divided into administrative and rescue personnel.

Rescue operation algorithm:

  1. A person in distress calls the central office.
  2. The central office contacts the station closest to the person.
  3. The station manager is looking for rescue teams leaders.
  4. The leaders assemble teams depending on the conditions of the emergency.
  5. The teams come and conduct a rescue operation.
  6. As the operation ends, each team member and their leaders write reports on the implementation of the rescue.
  7. The station manager compiles all the reports in one and sends them to the central office.
  8. The remuneration is calculated according to the reports.

Initially, mission reports were written in the form of MS Word files. Various tables, photos from the scene were attached. All document exchange was implemented through email. According to the client, reporting on a single operation for the central office could take up to 6 months.

Project Objectives:

  • registration of reports on each mission from all participants,
  • aggregation of records and the compilation of a single document,
  • calculation of payments to each operation participant based on reports and current rates.


  • MVP development. Starting a project with basic functionality for testing it on end users. The meaning of the approach is to collect feedback for the further development of the product. We developed and tested the project in stages. It helped to study and implement customer's wishes for the product timely.
  • Integration with SAP. The system calculates the payments to the participants of the rescue operation, then this data is integrated into SAP ERP.
  • Integration with the Daylight service. Daylight is a platform for organizing trainings for lifeguards. It was necessary to configure the exchange of user data. Thus, the rescuer could log in to the training system through his user account in our system.
  • Reports export. Reports can be generated in different slices, downloaded as CSV, XLS or PDF files and printed.
  • The project was implemented according to the SCRUM methodology. We took task boards from Kanban, daily skype calls with the customer with tasks assignment - from SCRUM. The time to complete the task was estimated by the developer, then agreed with the client. If the client was satisfied with everything, the task was sent to development. The client chose himself the priority features at different stages.

  1. SAP
  2. Java
  3. Spring
  4. Hibernate
  5. Daylight


  • Reduced reporting time. After the introduction of the system, the generation time was reduced from 6 months to 2 weeks
  • Agile workflow of the generation process. We have implemented the ability to return to any steps during the work with the report. The interface has become more convenient: if the users want to change something, they can return to the desired section and make adjustments without losing data.
  • Automated reward calculation. The system calculates rewards to rescuers automatically. It reduces errors and speeds up processing.

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