Performance control
and fuel economy up
to 33% a month


The goals of the group of companies Intercom: increase control, improve management of business, reduce expenses on fuel and decrease workload of accountants work. Therefore Intercom ordered development of the solution that will include the following functions:

  • keep records of fuel costs;
  • track transfers of employees on business trips;
  • goal setting for employees in digital form and control of performance;
  • automatic creation of route sheets.


  1. We had a meeting with a customer. We interviewed deputy director of the group of companies Intercom Melnikov V.L. We discussed the tasks of the company and offered to implement those tasks on the basis of WorksMobile for mobile employees. We discussed the opportunities of the system and necessary improvements.
  2. We made an agreement. We discussed introduction of solution in WorksMobile, determined solutions and persons in charge of introduction.
  3. Developed additional functions on the basis of WorksMobile in accordance with customers wishes. In particular, we added the option to set the record to break and the ability to manual modification of data on the server.
  1. We implemented the system. We have deployed the system on the server of the customer, installed mobile apps to mobile devices and trained the personnel.
  2. We conducted trial operation. We tested work of web service and application by a group of customers. We revealed the pitfalls and fixed the problems.
  3. Implemented warranty support. Within three months after start we removed problems that emerged and bugs in the software package.


  • fuel costs decreased 33% thanks to clear billing system and tracking of employees working trips;
  • the workload of accountants reduced due to automatic formation of reports (reports on the work of employees, cost of fuel, route sheets);
  • the efficiency of the mobile workers has increased thanks to a clear system of tracking working trips;
  • cost of mobile communications reduced thanks to digital processing of requests;
  • the business became easily managed and controlled with introduction of digital form of info delivery, new requests, in particular.

Customer review

After the introduction of the system WorksMobile, fuel saving has reached 33% due to lower number of additions to the route sheets.

Before it was introduced, the route sheets were filled by drivers every day and it was difficult to control them.

Working with WorksMobile system, head of the unit can see online where his subordinate is and approve or not approve the route sheets every day, then at the end of the month a single route sheet is signed. The accountant department reduced the term of delivery of route sheets. There are almost no arithmetic errors.

The representative of "Intercom" companies,
Melnikov V.L.

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