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Web cookbook for a home appliance maker


Perform many improvements on the website with recipes from the leading chefs of Russia to increase sales of kitchen appliances Bork.

Necessary improvements:

  1. To add kitchen appliances Bork to the website.
  2. To connect it with the companys online store.
  3. To create a personal user account with a possibility of authentication via FB account.
  4. To add the option to search by ingredients and equipment.
  5. To improve search results further.
  6. To develop API for a mobile application.
  7. To implement the system or PUSH-notifications to the users of the mobile application.

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  • We discussed the requirements of the customer to finalize an existing site.
  • Implemented functionality of the user's account with the possibility of authentication via the FaceBook account.
  • Developed the functionality "My appliances". Now users can add purchased kitchen appliances to a personal account.
  • We developed the functionality of the "Favorite recipes." Users can now save their favorite recipes in Favorites.
  • Improved the search algorithm: added the option to include the ingredient to the search or exclude it; added the option to search by appliances; adjusted automatic uploading of recipes when scrolling through the search page; added the field Appliances which contains the description of necessary kitchen appliances to prepare the selected recipe.
  • We adjusted the site to integrate it with a mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • We configured push notifications on new recipes to send to users of mobile devices.
  • 1-Bitrix
  • The site has become more convenient thanks to the modules: My appliances and Favorite recipes.
  • The users account is integrated with the FB account.
  • Improved search of recipes thanks to the added option of search by ingredients.
  • Regular push notifications on new recipes urge users to come to the site again.
  • The site is integrated with a mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • The site generates a stream of targeted traffic to the online store of the Bork Company.
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