Mobile Application Debt Free Box

Helps people pay off debts by Snowball method


To improve the mobile application for iOS, which will provide the users with information about all their debts (on credit cards, mortgages, other loans, etc.), calculate the payment schedule using the Snowball method or offer other options. We were tasked with implementing the Snowball logic in the application, matching it with the design, and fixing bugs.


  1. The development was carried out according to the technical specifications provided by the customer. We made an estimation of the development cost, then we signed an agreement and started developing the product.
  2. We developed the mobile application on Xamarin platform. During the development process, the intermediate versions were demonstrated every week to control each stage of development.
  3. We conducted joint testing of the project, fixed all issues and passed all acceptance tests.
  4. We transferred the source code to the customer. Uploaded the code on GitHub.
  1. All the emerging issues were quickly resolved during the 3 months warranty support for the project.

  • iOS SDK
  • Xamarin
  • In-App
  • Purchase


  • The logic of the Snowball method is implemented in the application;
  • The application matches the customer's design;
  • Minor bugs of the initial version are fixed;
  • The application has an English interface and can work without Internet access.

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